Cost of Course: R4500 (excl VAT)


Food safety management can only be effective if all the role players in the food chain commit to follow the required best practices. This workshop will explain good agricultural practices to producers and help processing companies to understand what happens in the previous step of the food chain (primary production). 

GlobalG.A.P. is an internationally recognised certification standard that promotes Good Agricultural Practices under a strict set of procedures to safeguard food safety and ensure environmental protection.  The Fruit and vegetable Standards are based on good practices in farming such as soil management, water management, integrated pest management, integrated crop management, preservation of biodiversity, management of fertilisers and plant protection products and pre- and post-harvest produce handling.  It further includes quality management system and HACCP requirements.

This course provides an overview into the systemic nature of change and how to effectively manage change to maintain the integrity of the systems in the organisation.  It provides practical guidance as to the different aspects involved in change management, including impact assessments and project management.

Progress Excellence Approach

  • Dissecting the Global.G.A.P. GFS and Smart version 6 Standard requirements and translating the requirements into understandable terms.
  • Clear guidance on risk assessments, hazards and controls related to relevant aspects required by he Standards.
  • The use of photographs and other activities to practically illustrate the requirements.
  • Explaining how to effectively implement the Global.G.A.P. standards.

The course will equip delegates with the following:

  • To understand the certification rules that cover Option 1 and Option 2 producers.
  • To understand the criteria and implement the principles of IFA Fruit and Vegetables version 6 on the farm.
  • To integrate the changes in version 6 into the current Farm Assurance System.

The course is best suited to the following audiences:

  • Quality Managers for primary processing activities
  • Packhouse Managers
  • Farm Managers
  • Farm Administrators
  • Farm Assurers
  • Consultants or staff implementing GlobalG.A.P.
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