Progress Excellence was established in 2005 with the aim to assist national and multi-national companies in the food industry through training on their journey towards business excellence by enabling the company to implement and sustain effective management systems.

We believe that some companies are “systems listed” and others are “systems driven”. The latter experience returns on their investment, as to them, it becomes a way of life and not something that is implemented merely for the sake of certification. Continual improvement is then an automatic result, rather than a process to be driven.

Learning is made fun & practical

Progress Excellence takes a unique approach to training in food safety, quality, health and safety, environmental and laboratory:

  • Sector specific examples are used to ensure relevance and understanding of the topic.
  • All our training modules are highly interactive with practical activities that entrench theoretical learning.
  • We provide templates and helpful implementation plans.

Our aim is to equip delegates in such a way that they can practically implement and improve their systems.

Learning platforms:

Progress Excellence offers training in  the following formats:

  • Virtual training: Training is provided via an internet platform, e.g. Zoom, where the facilitator engages with delegates digitally via a virtual platform.
  • On-line training: Training is provided without the aid of a facilitator and can be completed by the delegate either in one session or in separate sessions.
  • Face-to-face training: Training is provided at one of our approved training facilities or on-site where the facilitator and delegates are present in one location.
  • Hybrid training: Training is provided at one of our approved training facilities or on-site.  In addition to delegates being physically present, some delegates participate via an internet platform.

Use of experienced facilitators

All our facilitators have practical experience in the food industry and their knowledge is further enhanced through practical auditing on a regular basis. Not only do they have industry-specific knowledge, they are also qualified facilitators to ensure that information is conveyed in an understandable manner and that learning is optimised. Amongst our facilitators, there are more than 130 years’ of experience!

Our customers

Manufacturers in the food industry are amongst our customers and include low risk and high risk operations, manufacturers of shelf life stable FMCG, wine cellars, distributors, pack houses, bottling plants and contract packers. View customer comments »

Training material

We believe that effective training should change behaviours – our training material, contents and courses are carefully designed to do so. For this reason, the training is designed for various levels within organisation – operators, team leaders, supervisors and managers ensure that systems become a way of life rather than a file of procedures.  Delegates receive a colour manual with each course.

The Team

Debbie Brandt


Juanita Louw


Celeste Cloete


Natacha Wadsworth


Ilse van Rensburg


Angelique Oosthuizen


Triona Naidoo


Adél Stander


Irma Ferreira


Colette Cronje


Edouard Tison


Natica Ramphal-Bhoola


Sizakele Ngwane


Hester De Wet