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Workshop Overview

The release of IFS version 8 in April 2023 necessitates that companies update their existing systems to integrate the new standard requirements.

This workshop offers a comprehensive outline of the alterations between IFS version 7 and version 8. Attendees will gain the ability to assess their current systems and implement a methodical approach to adapt them accordingly.

Learning is made fun & practical

Progress Excellence takes a unique approach to training in food safety, quality, health and safety, environmental and laboratory:

  • Sector specific examples are used to ensure relevance and understanding of the topic.
  • All our training modules are highly interactive with practical activities that entrench theoretical learning.
  • We provide templates and helpful implementation plans.

Our aim is to equip delegates in such a way that they can practically implement and improve their systems.

Progress Excellence Approach

  • Clause-by-clause comparison indicating the changes.
  • Practical tips on the interpretation and implementation of the new and/or amended requirements.
  • To-do-list to upgrade the quality and food safety management system to version 8.

The course will equip delegates with the following:

  • Understand the differences between IFS version 7 and IFS version 8.
  • Explain the requirements and practical implementation of IFS version 8.
  • Create a project plan to convert the existing system to a system that will meet the new requirements.
  • Using the “To-do” list to enable systematic implementation of the change.
  • Understand the requirements, including food safety culture information.

The course is best suited to the following audiences:

  • Food safety team leader
  • Food safety team members (Engineers, Microbiologists, Quality Controllers, Production staff, R&D/NPD staff, Logistics personnel, Buyers)
  • Quality/Technical Managers.
  • Any person responsible for implementation of IFS version 8.

This course is NOT suitable for delegates who have no experience with IFS version 7.

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