The Awesomeness of taking a Zoom Coffee Break

The Awesomeness of taking a Zoom Coffee Break

Hello fellow Foodies,

Happy belated Women’s Day!  It’s super-exciting to be part of the food industry in South Africa where we are surrounded by some inspiring women.  In fact, it’s one of the countries where we’ve seen more women take on leadership roles compared to other countries!

It’s clear that most of us are longing back to our old, pre-COVID lives.  Remember the days when we didn’t wear masks, reek of hand sanitiser and could hug each other without feeling unsafe?  Ah – those were the days!  The sad reality is that it might not happen soon, and we’ve come to the conclusion that accepting the change and moving on is the best thing to do.

COVID has taught us to be appreciative of life.  Today we would like to emphasise how important it is that you are happy at work – love what you do and do what you love.  If you are spending a third of your life at work, it only makes sense that you are happy while you are there.  The concept of the “normal” workplace has changed and with many people still working from home or even rotating between work and home offices, we’ve lost touch with our colleagues, our goals and ourselves.

Two weeks ago we implemented a Zoom Coffee Break – it’s a simple, no-strings-attached Zoom “gathering”.  Bring your tea/coffee (whatever) and put your work aside for a few minutes.  It was a wonderful experience.  In fact, we had new colleagues introduce themselves to the team and it was the first time that they were actually “seeing” each other! We had so much fun we’ve already scheduled the next one.

We have been running virtual instructor-led training (VILT) since April last year and through all the different stages of lockdown, we’ve even come up with a HYBRID concept where we are running contact courses and VILT at the same time – hats off to our facilitators who are doing this with great success.  Register to attend one of our public workshops or e-mail us at with any food safety training needs you have.  We would love to hear from you.

Coming up in August:

Our range of online training programmes are growing and just last week we added a Leadership and Food Safety Culture short course aimed at equipping top management with the basic knowledge of these concepts and how they play out in the food safety environment.  Click here to see what super-affordable online training courses are on offer.

Mask up, wash-up and keep that safe distance!

Until next week…

Food Bites Team