Formula 1 Pitstops – See you on the Podium

Formula 1 Pitstops – See you on the Podium

Hello fellow F1-driver,

With so much buzz around Formula One at the moment, we thought it would be fun to carry on with the theme and see how we can learn and apply the F1 principles in our production environment and enhance food safety and quality.  As with production, the Formula 1 scene can change very quickly. Super-fast, perfectly executed pit stops are required, as mere seconds determine who wins and who loses.

The principles for Formula 1 pitstops can be useful for handling production changeovers and fixing machine breakdowns.  When these tasks are well executed, we have good efficiencies, and this boosts staff morale.  It is no secret that a motivated work force is a productive work force with high regard for food safety.  It is also a fact that when morale is high, people are less likely to cut corners when it comes to executing tasks in a way that upholds food safety.  You will never see an F1 pitstop team taking shortcuts.

Proper preparation is key for a quick change-over or fixing a breakdown.  In a pit stop, all you have is 2 seconds for a perfect result.  Competent staff with clear responsibilities as well as a team of competent back-up staff will make a regular F1 pitstop look like child’s play. And a well-practiced team and you could see yourself on the podium!   A practiced team know exactly WHO needs to do WHAT and WHEN they need to do it to get the job done.  This team has a zero-defect mentality where waiting = waste.

Of course, no pitstop team would be complete without a properly equipped pit.  If we want our teams to perform well, whether it’s a maintenance breakdown, or a product changeover, we need to make sure that the right tools and environment are available.  Having less tools that can do the same job and availability of critical spare parts in suitable locations (on trolleys or change-over stations close to where these are needed) will ensure a world-class production “pitstop”.  Precise locations for tools and spares can save a lot of time.

With a perfected sequence, a documented procedure will ensure that the team can deliver the same great result every time.  In fact, following this procedure will not only ensure a first-time right approach, but also save precious seconds and we all know that time is money!

Make the seconds count and get out of the pit at the speed of light…

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Until next week…

Food Bites Team