2022 – The Year that was…

2022 – The Year that was…

Dear loyal Food Bites readers and Progress Excellence Customers,

We would like to call 2022 our “Year of Gratitude”.  With two years of COVID buried in our conscious and sub-conscious minds, we have developed an appreciation for the truly important things in our lives.

One thing that we realised is that we are not only formidable individuals but that we are also home to the best team of facilitators and support staff in the world… The cherry on top of this decadent cake is our amazing customers. 

For some or other reason we have forged special relationships with so many of our customers – we know their hopes and dreams, their fears, the names of their children and pets, the challenges they have faced and the highlights of their year! This is something we would not change for the world…

We have had our fair share of ups and downs, but we are trying to focus on the ups because this is where we find the energy, motivation and inspiration to face the downs.

Progress Excellence 2022 Fun Facts:

  • BRCGS published Issue 9 of the Food Standard in August this year. To date, 226 delegates have attended our bridging workshops with many already registered for our 2023 workshops.  Remember, audits against Issue 9 will start from 01/02/2023. Click here to register for one of our bridging workshops.
  • We added some new courses to our constantly growing selection. At the moment we have around 70 workshops some of which are offered on-site, as public workshops and/or live online instruction. Our new courses include:
  • Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. With WhatsApp groups, Trello Boards and some nifty gadgets we are embracing what technology has to offer and improving our customer journey one step at a time.
  • With the introduction of gamification, our workshops are highly interactive, hilariously fun and still the best way to learn.

Although we will be taking some time off over the next few weeks, our website is never on holiday.  With new credit card payment facilities and immediate activation, you can reward yourself or a deserving team member with an online food safety training course.

Now is also the perfect time to finalise your 2023 training planclick here to view our 2023 training programme.  You are welcome to pop us an e-mail with your specific food safety training needs.

Finally, a special “THANK YOU” to Adel, Irma, Colette, Ed, Triona, Natica, Siza, Saretha and Hester (aka “The Baby”)!  We would fail horribly in our duty if we did not thank the ladies in the office who “run the show”; Ilse, Celeste and Angelique – THANK YOU!  Without the creative insight and brilliant mind of Natacha, you would not be reading our blog – THANK YOU, Natacha!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday!  See you in 2023…

From the Food Bites team.

P.S.  Our offices will reopen on 04/01/2023.