Laboratory analysts in the wine industry provide a service to the company by providing results on which decisions are based.  Trustworthy results are required on which these decisions are based.  This course will equip laboratory analysts in the wine industry to understand the principles of the methods they use to test key parameters in order to avoid mistakes that will impact the accuracy and precision of results.  It also provides a holistic view on the role of the laboratory analyst in the wine industry and highlights best practices in wine laboratories.

Progress Excellence Approach

  • In-depth explanation on the principles behind the methods
  • Practical tips to avoid common mistakes in the wine laboratory
  • Activities and videos to enhance and entrench learning

The course will equip delegates with the following:

  • Understand the role of the laboratory analyst in the wine industry
  • Understand the meaning of an accredited laboratory
  • Identify factors that can impact on the accuracy of results
  • Utilise techniques to improve methods and systems within the laboratory
  • Understand the safety requirements in a laboratory
  • Understand the importance of accurate record-keeping
  • Ability to interpret results
  • Ability to understand, for each test method
  • The importance of the test in the wine industry
  • The principle of the test
  • The method to which the test must be performed
  • Common mistakes and the impact of these mistakes on the accuracy and precision of results.

The course is best suited to the following audiences:

  • Laboratory Analysts
  • Laboratory Supervisors

Delegate assessment will be in the form of:

  • Full course attendance
  • Successful completion of an assessment (pass mark 70%).

What do our delegates say?


Jacqulene Lukas, Graham Beck Wines

“The course was a great way to help “papagaai” anaylsts learn WHY they do what the do every day.”

Petro Haylett, Brenn-O-Kem

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