World Food Safety Day 2021 – Celebrating Food Handlers for the Champions that they are

World Food Safety Day 2021 – Celebrating Food Handlers for the Champions that they are

Hello fellow food safety professional,

This year we will celebrate World Food Safety Day on 7th June 2021 and although we think it’s really awesome that World Food Safety Day can be celebrated across the globe, this one single day is not enough to ensure that our consumers are protected.  When it comes to the production of safe food, everyday is World Food Safety Day.

Most of us experience ups and downs – good days and bad days, but food handlers in our factories cannot afford to get to work and say: “I’m just going to chillax today”.  These food safety champions need to be 100% engaged for 100% of the time that they are at work – irrespective of how they feel.

Sadly, our food safety champions are often neglected when it comes to training.  Extensive personal development budgets are allocated to managers and supervisors and yet the most important people in our food factories are allocated the budget leftovers.  We’re not talking about the typical annual induction or food safety awareness programme that leaves everyone yawning and struggling to stay awake.

Just this once, it would be nice if our food safety champions were trained, mentored and coached in a way that created more awareness.  Trained in a way that sparked enthusiasm.  Trained in a way that stifled boredom.  Trained in a way that made them feel as important as any other manager or supervisor.

This year for World Food Safety Day we have decided to offer our Online Basic Food Safety Training Programme at a crazy discounted rate of R100 per person  (voucher code CHBDV36P).  After a resounding success in 2020, we will be repeating this special offer for the entire month of June 2021.  You will be able to enroll your food handlers for interactive, fun, online training that will leave them inspired to do “what’s right, even when nobody is watching”.

Today we have tech-savvy food handlers who can take selfies, update their WhatsApp status, post on Facebook, Tweet and squeeze in something on Instagram too.  If you can do this, you can complete our Online Basic Food Safety Training using your own smart phone and a good WIFI connection.

As if that isn’t enough, we will be running a few competitions this month too.  Keep your eye on our social media pages and subscribe to our newsletters and stand a chance to win:

  • FREE access to our Online Root Cause Analysis Masterclass
  • FREE access to a virtual Food Safety Culture Excellence Workshop

We will also be giving away exciting vouchers which you can use to spoil yourself as well as your nearest and dearest.

Why would we do this?  One single reason; to create awareness about a critical profession that is hardly recognized for its importance; that of the humble food handler!

Adios until next week!

Food Bites Team