Get out of your Comfort Zone and Embrace the Advantages of Online Training

Get out of your Comfort Zone and Embrace the Advantages of Online Training

We are not sure how you feel about technology and the changes brought about by innovation at countless levels, but we tend to find ourselves reeling from all the countless possibilities. At times we do feel a little “technologically handicapped” and it’s then that we embrace the challenge, exit our comfort zones and essentially, experience greatness.

Online training was that “one thing” that frightened us, but our mission to expand our reach beyond Southern Africa, forced us to face these fears and equip ourselves with the knowledge needed to make online food safety training a reality.

Online training is different to virtual online instruction, in the sense that it is self-paced and not restricted to specific dates or times. Delegates get to choose when and how much time they have available to invest in the training programme they have selected. We call it “on demand” training. Our online registration process is simple and easy to follow which means that you can start your course as soon as we have confirmation of your payment.

The training process is managed by our LMS (learning management system) where your progress is tracked as you complete each module, and where our quiz results are stored in order to assess your understanding.

After successful completion of your online course, you will receive your certificate which is available for download immediately.

Our LMS is also geared to handle bulk registrations. Contact for a customised quote and more information on how to enroll groups of people.

Embrace the wonder of technology, venture out of your comfort zone and enroll for one of our online food safety training programmes – you will be surprised how easy it is. While you are at it, why not share this with your friends and colleagues!

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From the Food “Bytes” team.