Living your values – Tips for Senior Managers

Living your values – Tips for Senior Managers

Welcome to Food Bites, your weekly food safety fix…

This week we celebrate one year of Food Bites blogs!  We recall the first blog going out just as our country started opening-up again after the intense lockdown – little did we know that we would be moving between varying degrees of lockdown for 12 months!

This week our Blog focuses on the role senior managers play when it comes to food safety.  Continuing with our World Food Safety Day Theme and an increased emphasis on Leadership Commitment and Food Safety Culture.

Roy Disney once said: “It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are”.  “Respect” is often adopted as a value by many organisations but how is this value demonstratedHow does respect as a company value translate into business decisions?  In short, it means that you don’t make decisions that compromise food safety.

Here are a few practical examples:

  • You value staff inputs on improvements because you respect your employees
  • You stop the line if food safety is at risk rather than chase efficiencies because you respect the consumer
  • You create opportunities and encourage sharing of ideas by staff because you respect their knowledge and experience
  • You make decisions based on the data generated by the system because you respect the effort that was taken to translate the data into valuable information
  • You support the decisions made by Supervisors and Line Managers because you respect their judgement
  • You equip staff with knowledge where required because you respect the fact that they won’t succeed without it
  • You provide “the tools for the job” because you respect the fact that a job can only be done well with the right tools
  • You don’t send out “suspect” product because you respect your customers

Looking for more ideas about demonstrating your commitment as a leader?  Register your management team to attend one of the following workshops:

  • Leadership in Practice: Many leaders want to demonstrate support towards food safety as a cause but lack the know-how.  This 3-hour workshop is designed to strengthen the message of top management support and decoding the issues that cause trouble in organisations when it comes to food safety.
  • Food Safety Culture Excellence: Food safety culture requires a holistic approach, with specific, targeted interventions that will lead to improvement in this field.  This 1-day workshop is designed to guide delegates on a journey in order to enhance the food safety culture in the organisation.

As we continue our World Food Safety Day celebrations, keep your eye on our social media pages and subscribe to our newsletters as our Online Basic Food Safety Training promotion continues at R100 per person until the end of June.


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