Leadership in practice workshop


Quality Managers know that they need the support of senior management for an effective food safety management system. This support and commitment, is however not always evident in organisations and makes the effective implementation and maintenance of systems difficult.

This workshop is designed to strengthen the message of required top management support, decoding the issues that cause trouble in organsations in a food safety management system and offering solutions to potential problems that may be different for different organisations.

The Progress Excellence Approach

Course material is developed to provide a mind-set change to food safety management systems by senior management through challenging the status quo and current scenarios that may be present in the organization.

Who should attend?

Senior Management

Entry requirements

It is recommended that delegates have experience in a food environment.

Duration of the course

3 hours

Course code

Course 66


The course material will equip delegates with the following:

  • Understand the role of management and leaders in supporting an effective food safety management system.
  • Explain food safety culture and the aspects that impact food safety culture.
  • Understand the process of improving the food safety culture in an organisation.

Each delegate receives

A full colour delegate manual


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