Exciting New Developments Just for YOU!

Exciting New Developments Just for YOU!

Hello to all our blog readers,

We mentioned in an earlier blog this year that we are always working behind the scenes to bring you new training programmes that help YOU be the best food safety champion you can be.  The past few months have been no exception…

Over the next few months, we will be launching a few amazing new programmes so, watch this space for information about launches on our online platform as well as new hybrid offerings.  These will include:

  • A 1-day Validation, Monitoring and Verification workshop. These are some of the concepts that probably cause the most confusion when it comes to food safety.  Understanding the definitions is the easy part but dissecting and implementing these terms in the context of your own system is not a joke!  The workshop will cover various hazards and their associated control measures and then explore verification and validation of these measures.
  • A customised online programme for the Wine Industry and more specifically wine analysts. The programme provides a holistic view to the role of a laboratory analyst in the industry, best practices in laboratories and in-depth knowledge on selected analytical methods used in a wine laboratory.  It also highlights common mistakes that are made as well as the impacts of these mistakes.  This awareness will lead to trustworthy results generated by the individual and laboratory.
  • You have come to trust Progress Excellence with your food safety and management system training needs and through the years we have realised that technical knowledge about a standard is not enough! With the aim of assisting organisations to become more agile in a constantly changing industry, we have decided to team up with an expert and will be delivering leadership, innovation, change management and many, many more empowerment programmes.

Register your interest in any of these programmes by e-mailing news@progress-excellence.co.za.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more updates and exciting news.

Of course, our current offerings will continue and here is the lineup for the next couple of weeks:

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our workshops and remember, we have a wide range of training programmes that can be delivered on-site or virtually.

Be kind!

Food Bites Team