Don’t let the Winter Cold Slow you Down

Don’t let the Winter Cold Slow you Down

Hello from the Food Bites Team!

We are back from last week’s Freedom Day celebrations.  Don’t you just love our beautiful country and its people?

It is THAT time of the year again…  As Winter sets in we tend to hit a bit of a “slump”.  We lose our Summer energy and enthusiasm.  Our 2021 goals and objectives start to fade as we prepare for our annual Winter hibernation.  A general feeling of lethargy kicks in and we try to reserve our energy by doing as little as possible for as long as possible.

As a food safety professional, we can’t ever really let Winter get to us – we need to stay focused and driven.  After all, we are in the business of saving lives by changing the way people behave.  Producing safe, wholesome food is a relentless process and every single person must realise the importance of their contribution.

One way of keeping everyone motivated through the colder season is by investing in some TRAINING!  And, lucky for you, we have all kinds of training that will keep your food safety management system in peak shape.  It’s time to resuscitate your training programme; maybe dress it up in a pretty scarf and a cozy jacket.

We have an amazing Winter line-up and NOW is a good time to register for one of our public workshops:

If you prefer, we can also provide any of our training programmes on-site provided you have the required minimum number of delegates and can provide a suitable and safe training facility.

Here at Progress Excellence, we are really an “all seasons” kind of team.  We love warm, sunny days but we also welcome cold days in front of a fire or cuddled up under a warm blanket.  Either way, we’re always excited to meet new people and share our knowledge and skills!

We cannot wait to see you at one of our workshops!

Stay warm.

Food Bites Team