What if I fail?  Oh but darling, what if you fly…

What if I fail? Oh but darling, what if you fly…


We are at that time of the year where we start to reflect on our performance over the past year.  For many of us it’s time for performance reviews, objective reporting and time for quiet reflection on what the New Year will bring.  Most of us are also wading through the devastation of COVID-19 and trying to evaluate our actual performance in light of the pandemic.

It’s also the perfect time for goal-setting – learning from our mistakes, accepting our failures and focussing on the future.  We have waded through some pretty murky waters ourselves in the past few months and we’ve learned that Sumner Redstone’s quote rings true: “Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration.  Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe.”

2020 came and gave us a big fat kick on the posterior – we were forced out of our comfort zones, not only as individuals suddenly working from home, but also as businesses trying to reinvent ourselves.  Being kicked out of your comfort zone brings about a certain level of growth and maybe that’s exactly what we need to be focussing on right now!

When you settle into your comfort zone, it threatens your growth and happiness.  Fear holds us back from chasing an opportunity.  Small steps with a clear goal will provide the confidence to move further outside your comfort zone – the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Moving out of your comfort zone can include changing certain behaviours or even gaining new knowledge (possibly even outside your current field).  Challenging yourself to talk to a stranger, speaking up for yourself (or someone else), learning a new skill, starting a new career…  The possibilities are endless.

Growth is about progress; progress is about movement, and movement is about getting out of your comfort zone.  Making a positive difference in the world – and if you are working in the food industry – making a difference in the food safety world.

If you’re ready to take a bold step and enhance your food safety skills, e-mail us at info@progress-excellence.co.za or chat on our website via webchat (www.progress-excellence.co.za).  Click here to see our 2021 training programme.  We are ready answer any questions you have and will gladly advise on what training programmes best suit your needs.

You’ve got this!  And we’ve got your back!

Until next week – happy growing!