Welcome to Food Bites!

Welcome to Food Bites!

Welcome to Food Bites, your weekly food safety fix.

We have been toying with the idea of a more interactive platform which will enable us to share information on a regular basis and here we are!

Why the Blog?  Well, we know that there is a lot of food safety-related information out there and wading through everything to get to the important stuff can be really time consuming.  Food Bites (pun absolutely intended) aims to share any useful information in bite-size pieces, making them easy to “digest”.  But we are also here to show you that food can bite, and our aim is to share technical information about food safety standards and how you can implement a food safety management system that delivers just that; safe food.

With the 2nd annual World Food Safety Day (WFSD) just behind us (7th June), I could not think of a more appropriate topic for our first Blog…  Food safety, everyone’s business was the theme of this years’ WFSD and emphasized the role that every single person in the food supply chain plays in ensuring the consumption of safe food.  This campaign is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the importance of “teaming up for food safety” and create more awareness about the role that individuals play when it comes to the production of safe food.  Why not use this campaign as a platform to revisit food safety, basic hygiene requirements and leadership responsibility in your own organization?  WHO has created some wonderful campaign materials which you can download and use free of charge directly from this link:  https://www.who.int/news-room/campaigns/world-food-safety-day/2020.

To tie in with the current focus on personal hygiene and the importance of hand washing, Progress Excellence is offering Online Basic Food Safety Training at a 75% reduction.  We have already trained more than 200 participants since the start of the campaign which we have extended as a token of our commitment to food safety.

Next week we talk about COVID-19 and how to use your food safety management system as a crises management tool.

Remember, food shouldn’t bite!

P.S. Keep an eye on our website too – we are in the process of developing a live chat which also demonstrates our commitment to reaching out to other like-minded food safety professionals.