We all have a creative domain…  what is yours?

We all have a creative domain… what is yours?

We all have a creative domain. . . what is yours?


A few weeks ago, we introduced you to our series on creativity and innovation, painting metaphorical broad brush strokes on the state of our world and business today, and that creativity is the answer to being responsive to ever-changing and demanding times.  It is one of the fewer constantly renewable resources we all personally have at our disposal.  We do not even have to dig too deeply to find it.


Creativity is not only a means to tackle problems we face, but also a way in which to nurture ours, and other’s potential, effect transformation, cope with change.  It also adds to our own personal competitive edge as we contribute to our wider world within our work and personal lives.  This week, and over the next few blogs in this series, we will begin excavating the more specific elements of creativity and the simple, yet profound sources, that ignite our own personal creativity sparks.


But first, we shall explore the notion of a creative domainWe all have creative domains.  Yes, you heard correctly.  We ALL have creative domains.  Often, when we speak of creativity, we think it is assigned to those in creative fields, such as art, novel writing, pottery, sculpting, or fashion design, for example.   Well, that is not true.  Perhaps people in these professions exercise their creativity more consciously, but the creativity factor is not exclusive to them.


John Cleese, the comedian, actor and trainer, amongst many of his creative domains, claimed in a talk he once delivered on creativity in business, that creativity is not a talent, but a way of operating.  It is not an ability you have or do not have, nor is it related to IQ.  Rather, it is for all of us.   It is often about adopting a childlike way to play with an idea and explore.  It is about following hunches, being open to our curiosity, listening attentively to, and following our intuition, engaging with possibilities – often even without any design on controlling the outcome.  But all this can lead to some very creative results regardless.  If not, it entices us to new ways of being and approaching things.  The process itself generates more creativity within.


This week I made a strange decision.  To start an online Sanskrit course.  I have no idea why I am doing it.  All I know is I am intrigued by the notion of immersing myself into one of the most ancient languages on earth.  To walk a different road, break patterns of what I might usually do. Try something different.  I do not know where this road will lead.  But I find myself excited and curious at the prospect.  A little daunted too.  But that is just the uncertainty of a new terrain I have not yet tried.  But I will follow this curiosity regardless.  The sense this new adventure brings, excites me.  Excitement is a good feeling to spark more ideas and another renewable source to propel me forward.  Perhaps in this, I will find another creative domain even.


TS Elliot captures it well. . .


We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began, and to know the place for the first time.”


So, begin your own creative domain explorations this weekFollow your curiosity.  Observe your own activities and interests, both in your personal and work lives to begin understanding just what your creative domains are.  Yes, the word is plural for a reason.  You will find you have a few.  Start with what you do, what interests you – these will all point to the unique creative artist in you.  Don’t censor yourself in this – follow the path and see where it leads and pay attention to what you discover along the way.  It is has been said, after all, that the journey is often more exciting than the destination.  Wishing you happy meandering into your creative domains this week…


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