Progress Excellence – Food Safety Training that’s Music to your Ears

Progress Excellence – Food Safety Training that’s Music to your Ears

It’s the night before a big show. The orchestra has been practicing for months. Every individual member of the orchestra has committed themselves to grueling hours of practice as a team. Many have labored just as hard at home to master their instruments and ensure the perfect execution of each music piece. Their single objective: to exceed the expectations of every single person who has purchased a ticket to watch this once-in-a-lifetime performance.


Yes, fellow food safety champions, you are still reading the Food Bites Blog… The way we see food safety here at Progress Excellence is exactly like an orchestral performance.  And we are hoping that you share our analogy.


Today, in food factories all over the world, general workers, cleaners, operators, supervisors, team leaders, quality controllers, receiving and dispatch personnel, maintenance teams and managers are clocking in at work. They have been trained not only to perform their task-specific functions, but they have an intense awareness of their responsibilities as food safety champions. Not a single shift goes by without an unwavering focus on exceeding the expectations of their toughest critics – consumers and customers who purchase their products.  To these dedicated employees, every day is a gala performance.  They know and understand that every single consumer expects and trusts that the products they will purchase are safe to eat and meet even the strictest quality standards.


Of course, what is an orchestra without a conductor who shares the same passion and dedication as everyone under his or her direction? In much the same way employees in our organisations look up to their leaders for guidance and direction and only then will they be able to perform at their best.


Bustling behind the scenes at every performance are a team of people who are equally important, yet they never appear on the stage – from friendly ushers to stressed-out stage directors, food vendors, bathroom cleaners and car guards (we are in South Africa after all). In our food factories, these are our raw and packaging material suppliers, maintenance and utility service providers, transporters and everyone else working behind the scenes to ensure an awesome customer and consumer experience.


Progress Excellence understands the importance of every orchestral performance and we pride ourselves on being the best food safety training provider we can be. Working diligently behind the scenes we deliver training workshops that change behaviours and add value so that you get the standing ovation you deserve!


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Chat soon.

The Food Bites Team