Nothing Compares to being part of a Team that Works

Nothing Compares to being part of a Team that Works

A lot can be said about the importance of teamwork, but nothing compares to being part of a team that works. And, like many other things in life, we never truly appreciate it until we no longer have it.

Teamwork is defined as the combined effort of a group of individuals working towards achieving a common goal. Of course, just working toward a common goal does not define a team – usually, this team of individuals are also bound by a common purpose and shared value system.

In organisations, teams are assigned to investigate problems, innovate, develop new products or services and work together to produce a product that meets the agreed specification. Whether you are working in a production or quality environment or whether you are a member of the maintenance team or NPD team, you are the sum of your weakest link.

Our Blog this month looks at why engaging as a team is so important, and even more so when it comes to food safety.

  1. Leaders set the tone when it comes to working as a team. If there is no cohesion in the management team, it’s hard to teach the rest of the organisation otherwise.
  2. When food safety is at stake, we need to know that every single person on our team is committed. It takes one demotivated or disengaged employee to do (or not do) something that triggers a complaint or even worse, a recall.
  3. The value of a competent and connected food safety team is also rarely appreciated. This team of individuals are the driving force behind food safety and often they never truly function as a team but more as an individual acting in his/her own best interest. Their role as members of the food safety team is diluted to signing an appointment letter and perhaps a few documents as well as attending a few meetings.

We have realised the importance of effective communication, engagement, and training and how teamwork is easily negatively impacted if any of these aspects are lacking. Our own experience has taught us that Progress Excellence is no different to any other food manufacturer or service provider. We all have challenges and face some tough criticism but 99% of the time we can trace it back to our own lack of communication, engagement, or training.

This month we are offering you the opportunity to learn from OUR mistakes… We have shared our challenges and learnings and hope that you can reflect on why teamwork really makes the dream work.

From the Foodbites TEAM…