Make change your friend!

Make change your friend!

It has been a whirlwind month, fellow Food-Biters,

As our birthday month draws to an end, we have found ourselves reminiscing about where we started.  We’ve considered the bumps and falls, and we’ve also recalled every celebrated achievement, no matter how seemingly insignificant.  These moments of reflection have made us realise how grateful we really are.  It’s also made us realise that we are indeed a formidable team, with each player in the right position and the right time.

This realization of our journey reminds us of how all organisations grow, develop and change.  In fact, as the famous quote goes; “the only constant in life is change”.  Over the next few weeks, we will look at the concept of change and how we can harness our food safety management systems to embrace change and make easier transitions.

We work for dynamic companies who encourage innovation and creativity and sometimes we change too fast, people are uninformed and our systems, our safety net for change, begin to fall behind.  The wonderful reality is that by design, our food safety management systems are there to help us manage change.  Join us on our 4-week change management journey as we explore:

  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Risk assessing
  • And updating

All in the context of changes to our food safety management system.

In the meantime, pop over to our brand-new website, view our 2021 training programme, and browse all the kinds of food safety training we have to offer!  How can we help?

Stay safe – mask-up, sanitise and maintain a safe social distance.


From the Food Bites Team