How to Become a Master Motivator

How to Become a Master Motivator

Hello from the Food Bites team on this the 1st day of December!

Keeping with our current trend of reviewing “the year that was”, we have decided to adopt a more motivational theme for this week’s blog.  This theme will run over the next few weeks into 2021 – we plan to help you make it a fabulous year!

We know that the process of change and adopting new behaviours is not easy and even more so, organisational changes can be very challenging indeed.  Implementing a food safety management system, upgrading the system to meet an updated version of a food safety standard, or even just maintaining the current system is not for the weak hearted.  But behind every successful food safety management system is a “master motivator” …  The Quality Manager or Food Safety Team Leader.

These individuals are the driving force behind an entire workforce ranging from executives to food handlers, team leaders or supervisors, general workers, and every other individual interacting with the food safety management system.  The most successful food safety management systems are supported by individuals who adopt a “true leadership” style.

This week our aim is to highlight the qualities of a leader so that any Quality Manager or Food Safety Team Leader (or any other individual for that matter) can start to adopt these principles and reap the rewards that come with being a “master motivator”.

The challenge is to start by adopting a new behaviour every day for the next 10 days and practice it over and over until it becomes a way of life.

Next week we will continue with this theme and dive into other motivational aspects like objective setting, rewards, involvement, and simplicity…  Until then, you are welcome to explore all the kinds of food safety training courses we offer by visiting our website ( or e-mailing your specific training needs to  We are literally a click away!

See you next week!

From all of us @ Food Bites