Making Food Safety a Team Effort

Making Food Safety a Team Effort

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a new version of Lockdown Level 3 – not only are we excited about a whole lot of people getting back to work but also the fabulous prospect of a walk on the beach.

The past few weeks have shown us, once again, how important team work really is.  Whether it’s standing in for an ill colleague or working diligently to solve a problem, we all feel better when we know we are part of something bigger.

If you’re feeling a little disillusioned about all of this “team talk” then maybe it’s time for a pep talk…  As food safety professionals it sometimes feels as if:

  • You are the only one concerned about the system and/or food safety
  • You have to keep reminding everybody about their roles and responsibilities when it comes to food safety
  • You have to work endless hours to get the system “ready” for an audit,

Then it’s time to change!

We all know the saying; “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

Training is an excellent way of building team spirit and the perfect way to encourage buy-in.  Our facilitators have worked in industry and know just how difficult it can be to be a Food Safety Ambassador without the support of a team.  With a sympathetic ear and years of experience, they are just what you need to get your team “pulling in the same direction”.


Of course, you’ve come to know by now that we have every kind of Food Safety Training a team could need…  From 1-day refresher workshops to in-depth implementation workshops and everything in between.  Click here to see our extensive selection of training programmes.

Cheers to the great teamwork!