Bringing back the Team Spirit

Bringing back the Team Spirit

Hello fellow food professional,

There is a four-letter word that we very often use without giving much thought to what it really means.  In recent months, the importance of this word and its true meaning have become more crucial than ever before.  We throw this word around loosely and take it for granted too.  Can you guess this four-letter word?

T-E-A-M: A team is a group of people who work together toward a common goal. Teams have defined membership (which can be either large or small) and a set of activities to take part in. People on a team collaborate on sets of related tasks that are required to achieve an objective.

The impact of the pandemic on many organisations has shattered our concept of teamwork.  With so many people working from home as well as the introduction of social distancing, even the best teams have been splintered into solo acts.  That sense of connectedness has disappeared and with it an impending feeling of loneliness has descended upon our work force.  What once used to be a bustling office is now an open-plan places where people’s voices echo.

The question is, how can we turn this around?  We’ve pulled together a few tips on creating a sense of team spirit that will get your team super-psyched again – ready to deliver they word-class stuff we all know we are capable of!

  1. Ramp-up communication: Since we are no longer gathering to catch-up around the water fountain or photocopier, we must create virtual spaces where our teams can “meet” on a regular basis. Remember, every meeting does not have to be about work.  Why not set up a Zoom tea break with your team and spend 15 minutes just catching up?
  2. Go digital: Without access our regular notice boards and whiteboards create a digital space where projects and KPI’s can be tracked. The visual stimulation is a reminder that we all still have targets and helps keep everyone focussed.
  3. Remember to recognise: One of the saddest aspects of working remotely is the decline in recognition for work well done. Make a point of reaching out to teammates who have performed well and acknowledge their efforts and contribution.
  4. Stay creative: A lot of innovation is born from the regular daily interactions of staff but without these interactions, creativity is stinted. This is one time we cannot afford to lack innovation! Create a platform (even a WhatsApp group) where team members can post their ideas and institute regular innovation meeting to discuss these ideas before it is forever too late.
  5. Review roles and responsibilities: With some team members working from home and others making turns to work in the office, it may be necessary to review who does what… It is amazing how chaos reigns supreme where there is confusion about responsibilities.  Take some time to review the various processes and decide whether it is necessary to re-allocate responsibilities for certain tasks.  Remember, where there is confusion about roles and responsibilities, there probably is an unhappy customer somewhere!

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”  H.E. Luccock

Amidst all the chaos remember that Progress Excellence is still your one-stop shop for all your food safety training needs.  We are 100% digital and offer virtual instructor led public workshops and site training programmes.  Why not sign your team up for our Food Safety Culture Excellence Workshop and use it to create cohesion in your team – a focussed team is a successful team and in the food industry that translates to safe food for everyone!

Stay true!

The Food Bites Team