Appreciation – The Glue that Makes Teams Work

Appreciation – The Glue that Makes Teams Work

Dear Food Safety Champion, World Food Safety Day Supporter and Normal Human Being,

Yes, you! This is what you are, and if no one appreciates you for that, please know that we know and understand your challenges. Life would not be the same, without you, our loyal supporters.  We appreciate YOU!

This month’s blog looks at the importance of appreciation in the work place, and more specifically in the food industry.

An appreciated employee is a valued employee, and a valued employee is a loyal employee. And in the food industry, loyalty is key. Why? Simply because a loyal employee will always act in the best of the company and the consumer.

As a whole, a small amount of appreciation can improve employee morale and happiness. No more dreary faces at work!  Showing appreciation to your employees, your colleagues, and yes, even your superiors, not only strengthens relationships and enhances workplace culture but has a positive impact on performance.

Gratitude and showing appreciation, is contagious. It spreads quietly through your organisation and creates a warm fuzziness that is hard to explain. The only reason you know it’s there, is in the way people treat each other and, of course, your high employee retention rate.

Start today… Express your honest appreciation and gratitude towards someone and watch their face light up!

This past month was all about appreciation and gratitude for us too. We celebrated World Food Safety Day by offering huge discounts on our online training courses. In an effort to reach every corner of our vast country (and reach out accross our geographical borders) most of our workshops are also available as virtual courses with a live online instructor. Our website also boasts a nifty “search” function where you can easily find information on all our training programmes. Check is out here

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