2022 – The year of Wow

2022 – The year of Wow

Hello from the Food Bites Team.

Hopefully you have had the privilege of relaxing and recharging for a few days over the festive season.  If not, it means that you are one of those lucky people who get to go on holiday when everyone comes back to work.  Either way, best wishes for the New Year, from our team to yours.

Here at Progress Excellence, we had the wonderful opportunity to start our year off on a very high note.  On 14th January 2022 our facilitators descended on the beautiful Saronsberg Wine Estate in Tulbagh for our annual conference.  Here we spent a day clarifying our vision and values and just brainstorming other ways to deliver training that really adds value.  Hence 2022 has been labelled “The Year of Wow!”.

Our Vision:

At Progress Excellence we are driven by passion. We are human and are connected to our customers – we understand their technical needs as well as the day-to-day challenges they face.

We aim to WOW our customers by:

·Developing and delivering innovative and engaging training that changes behaviours

·Simplifying our administrative processes and improving the customer experience

·Creating a mentorship and ongoing development platform for our facilitators

·Ensuring that every engagement with our stakeholders is EXCELLENT

·Inspiring and enabling positive change through our training programmes

·Living up to our name – Progress Excellence

Inspired by the fact that we are all human, our vision is based on the following definition:

Perfectionism is focused on “doing the thing ‘right’”, how things APPEAR, and if OTHERS think it’s done right.

Excellence is about “doing the right thing”. It is focused on the REASON for a task, and the RESULTS for it to be a success. …

With the focus on “EXCELLENCE” we know that we will not only Wow! our customers but also our colleagues and everyone who interacts with us in any way whatsoever.

To experience Wow! you simply need to visit our website where you can access our extensive training programme for 2022 as well as our online training offerings.  Have any questions or specific training needs?  Send an e-mail with your enquiry to info@progress-excellence.co.za or use the Webchat function on our website – we simply cannot wait to Wow! you!

Until next time…

From all of us!