Foreign matter harms the consumer, undermines confidence in the brand and raise questions on the quality of the product.  Foreign matter in foods is a real concern for food processors, especially in terms of consumer complaints and potential recalls.  This course is designed to provide insights as to where the risks to foreign matter lie, the controls that should be applied and ensuring the effectiveness of the controls.

Progress Excellence Approach

  • Activities and videos to entrench learning.
  • Practical examples and tips for an effective foreign body management programme.

The course will equip delegates with the following:

  • Explain what foreign objects are in food, where they come from and their impact on the food industry and consumers.
  • Understand preventive measures and good manufacturing practices as a means of minimizing foreign matter contamination.
  • Understand how to use foreign matter controls most effectively.
  • Describe the defect removal methods used to prevent the occurrence of foreign matter in food products.
  • Explain the importance of calibration, verification and validation.
  • Design and/or improve the foreign matter control programme.

The course is best suited to the following audiences:

  • Food safety team leader
  • Food safety team members (Engineers, Food Technologists, Quality Controllers, Production staff)
  • Quality/Technical Managers
  • Any person involved in foreign body management in the facility

Delegate assessment will be in the form of:

  • Full course attendance
  • Successful completion of an on-line assessment (pass mark 70 %).

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