It is a fact that many of the aspects that cause foodborne outbreaks and product recalls are due to behaviour issues, such as improper holding temperatures, inadequate cleaning, contaminated equipment, ingredients or raw materials from an unsafe source and poor personal hygiene.  It is therefore of increasing importance that the food safety culture in an organization must be such that people will do what they know and make the right decisions, even when nobody is watching.  The requirement from the BRCGS Standard, clause 1.1.2 is:

The site’s senior management shall define and maintain a clear plan for the development and continuing improvement of a food safety and quality culture. This shall include:

  • Defined activities involving all sections of the site that have an impact on product safety
  • An action plan indication how the activities will be undertaken and measured, and the intended timescales.
  • A review of the effectiveness of completed activities.

Progress Excellence has developed an online, anonymous culture survey, that can be used as a baseline to determine the current food safety culture in the organisation. The information from this survey automatically generates graphs per organisation and per individual department and can be used to identify the specific activities that should be deployed to address the issues in order to improve the food safety culture. It can then be undertaken at a later stage to review the effectiveness of the completed activities.

Step 1:

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Step 2:

After quote acceptance, we will generate a unique anonymous link for each department of your organisation to complete

Step 3:

The report will be generated and sent to the client. The client implements specific activities for improvement.

Step 4:

Repeat survey after implementation to measure impact on the food safety culture between survey 1 and survey 2 and effectiveness of implemented actions. Included is a desk audit of results based on implementation actions.

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