Food safety culture excellence workshop

22 August 2019 all-day

It is a fact that many of the aspects that cause foodborne outbreaks and product recalls are due to behaviour issues. The GFSI and BRCGS version 8 therefore recognised that the creation and improvement of a food safety culture in an organsation is vital to ensure that people make the right decisions, even when nobody is watching. The successful implementation of many food safety management systems depends on the culture within the organisation.

Organisations face this daunting task of defining a plan for the development and continuing improvement of a food safety and quality culture. “Activities” do not mean for staff to undergo a few training sessions and then the culture will be improved – training is only one of the aspects that play a role – amongst various others. This workshop is designed to enable staff involved in this task to identify problems in the organisation that will affect the food safety culture and enable them to identify specific activities that can be utilised to improve the culture.