Food safety is built on a sturdy foundation of PRPs and staff employed in the food manufacturing environment need to have a thorough understanding of these fundamental principles.  These are our “front-line workers”, and they determine the overall effectiveness of our food safety management system

Progress Excellence Approach

  • Small, interactive sessions
  • Material is customised by customer-specific photographs and examples
  • Important aspects are entrenched through fun activities
  • Games and competitions are designed to change behaviours.

The course will equip delegates with the following:

  • Basic understanding of systems and Standards and their purpose in the food industry
  • Basic food microbiology
  • Allergens
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Personnel hygiene
  • Pest prevention and controls
  • Food defence
  • Foreign matter control
  • Food safety hazards and their control and HACCP
  • The role of procedures, record keeping and traceability in food safety management systems.

The course is best suited for staff throughout the organisation from various departments:

  • Food handlers
  • Everyone employed in the food production environment (including cleaners, maintenance staff and temporary workers).

Course Features